Learning React from Scratch sucks?
No Longer!

Your guide to master React

Build a Functional App with React will be an ebook, launching early 2018. It shall be your guide to learn how to create apps with React without all that confusion.

Intimidated by the React Ecosystem?

Have you been trying to learn React and got overwhelmed by all those tools like Webpack, Babel or Redux? Good news! You'll learn how to focus on things that matter, instead of adding unnecessary complexity.

Create a Real App

Alongside the Book you'll build a functional React app. I'll provide a backend that we're going to connect with our app to build functionality like Create, Read, Update, Delete, Authentication and more.

Level Up from Noob to Pro

Finished the official tutorial and don't know what now? No more confusion about how to get to the next level! This Book will teach you what's necessary in an easy and understandable way, one step at a time.

Source Code Available

Every piece of code of the React App and also for the REST backend will be available for you. Every chapter will have it's own starting point to get a fresh workspace for every topic we'll handle.

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